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How many photos can fit in a photo book?

It’s normal that with so many photos that you will have you wonder how many photos will fit in a photo book, because we know there will be many that you will want to include and you are worried that there is not enough room for all of them. The truth is that digital photography […]

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What is the difference between photo book and photo book?

It is quite common to confuse or not know the difference between album digital and photobook, since in the end they are publications, created by the user himself or by a professional, that compile a series of images. However, there are features that distinguish them, and make one or the other more appropriate for certain purposes. The materials, dimensions and production […]

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Ideas for making a digital photo album

Ideas para hacer un álbum de fotos digital

If there is something good about knowing how to create a digital album at home is to be able to relive and remember our best moments. That’s why we bring you new ideas to make a digital photo album that you’ll love. We’ve all spent an afternoon looking at family photos. It’s always fun to remember what we were […]

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How much does it cost to develop photos online?

¿Cuánto cuesta revelar fotos online?

Nowadays we take more photos than ever.Consequently, we have so much storage capacity on our cell phones that we hardly develop .But since there is nothing like taking a bunch of photos on paper, today we want to remind you how simple it is and how much it costs to develop photos online. /p> Prices for online photo […]

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Do you know how to create a photo book?

¿Sabes cómo crear un álbum digital?

So that your memories don’t get lost in the ephemeral world of social networks or end up forgotten in some hidden file on your computer or memory stick, here’s how to create a digital album. . Did you know that digital photography has changed the way we take and archive photos? We no longer reserve them for a […]

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Ideas for decorating your walls with framed photos

Ideas para decorar paredes con fotos enmarcadas

Why leave your walls blank when you probably have thousands of photos stored in boxes or on your computer? Make the most of your best memories and use them as decorative elements! Below you will find many ideas to decorate with your framed photos. framed photos. Before looking for nails and hammer, the first thing will be to […]