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10 wonderful ideas to decorate your room with photos

10 ideas maravillosas para decorar tu habitación con fotos

An excellent resource to give an original touch to your home is to decorate your room with photos and give it a more personal touch.

But many times we limit ourselves to placing framed photos on furniture and walls and forget other alternatives we have at our disposal.

That’s why today we want to share with you 10 original ideas to decorate your room with photos, so you always have in sight those images that bring you so good memories.

These are fun projects, with varying degrees of laboriousness. None require great manual skills, but there are some that need more work and patience. The results make up for it, because you will create unique objects with which you will be able to express your most creative side.

Are you up for it? Well then, let’s get to work!

Ideas to decorate your room with family photos for example


The family photographs allow you to create spaces very personal, but we want to give them a new twist and display them in a different way. In addition to revive emotions and feelings, turn them into authentic decorative pieces


A photo tree


We have already talked about family trees made with photos, and we have proposed different alternatives. But in this case what we want to take advantage of is the beauty of the natural elements, to add a touch of sophistication to your living room.

Choose some long dry branches and place them in a nice tall glass vase. Then, with the help of small wooden clothespins or some paperclips hang your photos on each branch. It will look fantastic on the floor or over a corner table.

Fun pictures by comparison


There are many ways to hang photos on your walls, but the composition and theme of the images are what determine the final effect of the montage.

Here we propose you a research work, because it is about looking for old family photographs and recreate them in the present time.

It could be that photo of the children when they were little, playing amused or making faces. Once you’ve chosen the funniest image, ask the protagonists to dress similarly and repeat that pose, to take a new photograph.

Then print both images and hang them side by side. You’ll see what beautiful result you get and how many stories they will evoke.

Another option is to search for images of grandparents, parents and grandchildren, in which evidence of resemblance. Form a collage with them or print them separately and place them together.

You’ll be surprised how much they attract attention and the conversations they’ll generate among your visitors.

Letters and photos


With some corporate chipboard letters you can personalize the kids’ rooms or create some beautiful pictures for your living room or master bedroom.

The task is very simple, as you will only have to completely line each letter with small pictures and then hang them on the wall.

As it is a lightweight support, you can use tape if you want to stick them directly. But you can also create squares with each letter and form a word.


In this case use frames made of two sheets of glass or methacrylate held together by a simple wooden strip.


Paste the pictures on the back cover and cover with the front foil. The empty space around the image will allow the wall to make the marialuisa effect of 

The wall will allow the wall to make the marialuisa or passe-partout. 

You can also decorate your room with photos on the ceiling


There is no better way to have sweet dreams than evoking moments of happiness. So why not take advantage of the ceiling of your room to place that photo of a spectacular sunset or a starry night?

Decorating Ideas for Your Room

Choose a large format that fits the shape of the room, elongated or square, and place it towards the headboard of your bed. It will remind you that no matter how difficult your day has been, there will always be better times.

Even a photo table is a good idea to decorate your room with photos


This is a very simple idea that has a spectacular result. It is to line a side table with photographs. It can be a coffee table for the living room or for the children’s room, completely upholstered with images.

You will only need to choose a good amount of photos andassemble with them a collage on the table. Combine images of different sizes,and don’t forget to line the edges and legs as well.

This way you will be able to transform an old piece of furniture or one that needs restoration into a unique and very personal piece.

How to do it


Start by cleaning the surface of the table very well and, if necessary, rub it with sandpaper to even it out.


Then, make a mixture of vinyl glue and water, in equal parts, and apply it to the table in small sections, so that the glue does not dry out.

Place the pictures and cover it completely. For the legs, choose smaller photos or cut out large images.

Let dry very well.

Finally, apply one or two coats of matte varnish to protect the photos and to be able to clean the table without worrying about damaging them.

A very special door


If you have a classic door made of wood, which already looks very worn, you can give it a new life, by lining its panels with photos.

Proceed in the same way as with the photo table, by applying a layer of glue and water and gluing the images directly. It is a very appropriate idea for the children’s rooms and the doors of the private spaces of the house.

But if you do not want to intervene the door, you can frame it with photographs, it will be a good way to identify the children’s rooms, with their personal stamp.

We can also frame it with photographs.

You can fix them directly on the wall with adhesive tape or choose small frames of different shapes and styles, for a more eye-catching effect.

Decorative objects made with photos


Your photographs can also become very particular decorative accessories.

Decorating Ideas for Your Room

Block photos


This is a proposal that doesn’t involve much work, but will stand out on any shelf, coffee table or desk.

It will be a great addition to any shelf, coffee table or desk.

It’s all about taking advantage of the innovative Photoglass and Photowood brackets. In both cases these are solid blocks made of methacrylate or natural wood, respectively.

Printing is done directly on these materials. They are a bold way to enhance your photographys.

In Snappybook you can get Photoglass in three sizes, 10 x 15 cm. 13 x 18 cm and 20 x 20 cm, while the Photowood is only available in size 20 x 20 cm.

Snappybook Photoglass is available only in size 20 x 20 cm.

Card set


If Grandpa likes playing cards, why not give him a very special one? It’s as simple as doing a photo shoot with the kids and recreating the card figures, then printing them in 7 x 10 cm size.

If the grandpa likes the deck of cards, why not give him a very special one?

This way, you will always have your grandchildren close by and can brag to friends about how cute and big they are.

Cushions to decorate your room with photos


Hugging a cushion is an instinctive act when we feel lonely or a little sad. Can you imagine how much more comforting it can be if that cushion has a picture of the person we wish would keep us company?

Would you like to have a picture of the person we wish would keep us company?

Would you like to have a picture of the person we wish would keep us company?

How much more comforting it can be?

Well, now it is very easy, because you can create your personalized cushions on the Snappybook  page and receive them at home within a few days.

But don’t think that they will only serve as a consolation, because you could also print them with photos of landscapes of places that invite you to relax and thus bring a touch of color to your living room or reading corner.

You can choose between the standard format, available in three sizes, 40 x 40 cm. 50 x 50 cm and 50 x 60 cm. Or the unique heart-shaped cushion, to express all your affection to that special person.

All models are printed on one side and are washable, as they are made in silky and very resistant fabrics.

The only care you should take is to avoid using bleach, to ensure the color stability of your photos.

Photo candles


With a little patience you can create unique candles that will stand out in any room and will arouse the curiosity of those who see them.


It’s not exactly a print, but the transfer of a photo, using materials that you surely have at home.

Now that Halloween is coming this is a nice DIY job that you can do with the photo of your kids in costume.

All you need is a candle, wax paper (or kerosene paper), a hair dryer and a photograph printed on light weight paper, non-photographic.

Make sure that the dimensions of the photo are not larger than the perimeter of the candle. It is preferable that you leave a free margin at the top and bottom of the candle, to make the task easier.

How to do it


Before you begin, cut a piece of waxed paper a little larger than your photograph.

The first thing you should do is to surround the candle with the image and fix it with fixing spray or glue stick. So that it doesn’t move during thetransfer process.

Place the wax paper on top and apply heat with the hair dryer over its entire surface. This may take a few minutes.


Depending on the power of the hairdryer, but you will see how the wax paper the wax paper is releasing wax over the photo and merging it with the candle.

When the wax paper is completely adhered, remove it carefully and let the candle cool. And you’ll have your photo printed candle ready.

Please remove it carefully and let the candle cool.

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