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How to download photos from mobile to computer

Cómo descargar las fotos del móvil

If you want to make sure to preserve your photos, try to print out the most important moments and save them to another external storage medium such as a hard drive and you can sleep soundly. If you make this act a routine, not only will you be sure to preserve your photos, but you’ll also have much more space in your smartphone’s memory.

Taking photos has become an everyday act in our lives, it is no longer necessary to be ready with the camera, to be able to portray every moment lived. Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone, and its camera gives us pretty good results to portray from the most important moments, to the most everyday ones.


But taking pictures is not always synonymous with saving memories. It’s easy to change phones regularly, delete photos by mistake, or simply because of lack of space in the phone’s memory.

In the following video, we explain how easy it is to download photos from your smartphone to your computer in an easy and simple way, so you do not lose them and can do cool things with them.

Pass photos from an Android mobile to an Apple computer (MacOs)

  1. Download and install the ANDROID FILE TRANSFER app –
  2. Start the app and connect your phone via cable
  3. The app will show you the contents of your phone
  4. Select and drag the photos to the desktop.

Important: Unlock the mobile to be able to access the photos


Pass photos from iOs mobile (iPhone) to Apple computer (MacOs)

  1. Start the serial application IMAGE CAPTURE
  2. Connect the device via cable to the computer
  3. The application will show you the contents of the mobile
  4. Select and drag to the desktop the photos.

Important: Unlock the mobile to be able to access the photos


Pass photos from Android mobile or iOs (iPhone) to a Windows computer (7 or higher)

  1. Plug the mobile device into your PC.
  2. Follow the steps in the pop-up window that will appear on the screen.
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