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Digital photo album, which one to choose?

Álbum digital de fotos ¿cúal elegir?

There are many alternatives on the market to create a digital photo album. At first glance they look very similar, but if we look in more detail we will discover that there are big differences in terms of quality, finishes, options …


In this post we tell you what you should look out for when choosing yours.

First tip: an overview of the entire offer


Look for good photos on their website that show you the product well. You’ll know what you’re buying. If these pictures show enlarged details it will be a good sign. This means that they are not hiding anything. Be wary of photomontages, dwarf or non-quality photos!

Find an advanced but simple


The program with which you layout your book must be intuitive first and foremost. If you have to study for a degree… bad! You can also evaluate if alternative versions for mobile devices (iOs or Android) are offered.

Search the widest range of models


Compare the sizes offered by each brand. Look at the maximum number of pages available and the type of binding (only some brands offer full 180º opening with no loss of image).

See the following page sizes.

You’re smart, don’t just look at the price


When comparing, start from the same book size, same quality and same number of canvases, so you will get a real comparison. Sometimes it happens that we think something is cheaper but in reality it offers less.

Don’t just consider the price factor or you may be in for more of a surprise.

Sometimes it pays to pay a little more to get the best professional photographic quality.

That you have additional quality resources

In the editing program of our book sometimes we have themes, templates, masks… look for the software that offers you the greatest variety and quality in these resources. They will be of great help to you and you will save time.

That offers you the best guarantees


Have you received your book and you’re not happy? Look for a brand that listens to you, that solves your problems, that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Browse and read reviews, opinions, examples of customers who have bought products before you and… then decide.


And… that you can customize it 100%


Albums usually have the manufacturer’s logo on the cover or spine and this spoils your design. Only some offer you the possibility to remove it. Keep this in mind when deciding.

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