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Ideas for decorating your walls with framed photos

Ideas para decorar paredes con fotos enmarcadas

Why leave your walls blank when you probably have thousands of photos stored in boxes or on your computer? Make the most of your best memories and use them as decorative elements! Below you will find many ideas to decorate with your framed photos.

framed photos.

Before looking for nails and hammer, the first thing will be to select the photos. Sorting them according to a defined theme: family photos, travel, landscapes, etc.


You can also group them by color or format (panoramic, vertical, social networks). It will all depend on the motif you have chosen and the room you want to decorate.

Where to place each picture?

Where to place each picture?

In the common areas images of landscapes or social events are usually used. In the rooms you have more freedom. And you can place pictures of more intimate occasions.


As for family photographs, they are a good anteroom to the private spaces.So they are usually placed in hallways and stairwells.

We can also use them for family photos.

On the other hand, you should make an inventory of the photo frames you have available. And sort them by color, size and style.


And sort them by color, size and style.

Set your style


Once you have all the necessary resources at hand, you can start conceptualizing the setup. When it comes to adding a personal touch to your home, there are no limitations. But you must be clear from the beginning what is the effect you want to achieve.

Even if you are attracted to more casual and informal styles, it’s not about hanging up your photos like crazy, but you must follow a plan to achieve a successful result.

Ideas for decorating your wall with photos


Let your intuition guide you and choose the style that best suits your decor.

Polished composition

If you are a methodical and very tidy person, you will probably prefer a slick layout. Where the tones of the photos and the frames are similar.

Where the tones of the photos and the frames are similar.

In this case it is very convenient to use images of the same size and place them forming a grid. Locating the frames in a straight line, respecting the levels and separation between them.

Place them forming a strip over the sofa. Or completely cover a side wall, creating a gallery of frames that will become the focal point of your living room.

Use as many photos as you want

You can use as many photos as you want, and you could even place them from ground level. Just make sure that no furniture obstructs the visual, because the idea is that this wall is the center of attention


They also work great on stairs. You can follow that horizontal arrangement, using the first stair landing as the base line and completing the composition all the way to the ceiling. Or draw a diagonal line that ascends with a similar inclination as the steps.

Vintage composition

You can usually create a vintage corner with aged frames, old photos and reproductions of famous paintings.

These ideas for decorating with photos obviously require the support of other pieces in the style, such as an armchair with ears or a chandelier. It will become a very cozy reading space and will be a perfect refuge on rainy afternoons.

Baroque composition


And if you like the baroque mood, but don’t give up modernity, you can create a variegated composition. With simple frames of the same color placed next to each other.

The photos will be barely separated by the thickness of the frame. When hanging them on the wall, arrange them so that they form a even-edged block, whether square or rectangular.

The photos will be barely separated by the thickness of the frame.

To do this, align them at the bottom margin and combine panoramic photos with other vertical photos of different sizes. Be sure to place the larger photos that you want to highlight in the center of the composition.  And fill in the empty spaces with smaller images.

Get in jovial and relaxed effect

Another very interesting option is to line the edges of the walls with framed photos. Here you can dispense with symmetry and focus on getting images that allude to the same theme and tell a story. This creates a very jovial and relaxed effect and brings a very personal touch to the decor.

You can also achieve this effect by placing photographs of identical size. Covering only one side of a beam or column, highlighting the architectural element.

This is a very good alternative for not so wide spaces. Where a complete wall of photos could be a bit overwhelming.

You can’t just hang your photos on the walls, there are other ways to incorporate them into your decor.For example, you could put some shelves above the TV or sofa and place all your photo frames there.

Framed Photos Decoration

There is even a good idea for hallways or narrow areas, which is to install shelves no more than five centimeters wide with a small edge, so you can support the frames between the shelf and the wall, with a slight inclination. You can place the larger ones close to the back and the smaller frames in the foreground.

Decorating with unframed photos


You’ve probably seen many photos on social media and decorating magazines, in which the photos are fixed directly on the wall, doing without frames, or simulating them with washi tape.

washi tape.

Washi tape

This is a rice paper adhesive tape, available in solid colors or with assorted designs. With which you can create partitions on the wall to border your images. They look great in the children’s rooms or in the TV room, for their colorful and informal nature.

A variant that enriches this alternative is ito insert between the photos vinyls with texts allusive to the images. By carefully choosing the words and typographies you can achieve a very cozy space.

Tender photographs


Another alternative is to make use of strings and clothespins, to literally “hang” your photos. You can simply attach the ribbons to the wall, with the help of some thumbtacks or opt for some clip frames like the ones you can find at Snappybook.

These are hollow wooden frames, available in sizes 30 x 40 cm. 40 x 50 cm and 50 x 70 cm, in natural wood, black or white finishes.


In addition to the traditional option, in which the strings are aligned horizontally parallel, there is a curious version with zigzag ribbons. They are ideal for highlighting small-format photos, up to 11 x 15 centimeters, and brighten up any wall.


Mural photo

But if you want a photo mural, you won’t need any framing, as the magnitude of the photo will be striking enough. You can put it together by combining several small photos or with a series of enlargements that complete an image or recreate a particular moment.  

With this alternative you can also decorate your walls up to half height. For example, by reproducing a motif from nature or a geometric shape.

With this alternative you can also decorate your walls up to half height.

This solution looks great in the dining area and works as a sort of personalized wallpaper. To calculate the size of your photos you should consider that the recommended height is about 70-75 centimeters. So that it is aligned with the dining table.


Bathroom and kitchen framed photos


These two areas are often the most overlooked when thinking about decorating the walls of the house. However, photographs  are an excellent option to give new life to worn-out tiles or a cold and boring decoration


Ideas for decorating walls with framed photos

There are durable, moisture-resistant printing alternatives on the marketwhich are very practical for large images.

But if you are looking for a cozier effect, reminiscent of grandma’s kitchen, you can use acrylic or metal frames. That can be easily cleaned. This way, your photos will be protected from dirt and grease. And by simply wiping them with a cloth dampened in vinegar or glass cleaner, your pictures will be in perfect condition.

Wooden kitchens perfect combination with metal frames

In a kitchen with wooden furniture, for example, look great the metal frames painted in vibrant colors. It breaks with the monotony and modernizes them.


If on the other hand you want to reinforce their traditional look, opt for aged frames. Or made of metal with copper or bronze coating.

And although the frame protects the photographs, it never hurts to place them away from the hob and work area. 

To make maintenance less complicated.

And although the frame protects the photographs, it never hurts to place them away from the hob and work area.

Final recommendations for decorating with photos


Although decorating your home is a very personal matter it should reflect your tastes and preferences. If you don’t want your home to look like a museum. Or look outdated by the accumulation of frames and cluttered photos, you should take note of some premises:


Quantity of frames


You can place as many pictures as you want, but without forgetting the sense of proportion.In small spaces a photo mural or a whole wall of pictures can be very heavy. Thus subtract visually square meters.

In those cases it is preferable to opt for a single large image. For example, 100 x 150 cm. Placed in the center of the wall, or very light frames, with free spaces around it.

In those cases it is preferable to opt for a single large image.



There are a few tricks that can help you generate the sensation of greater spaciousness. A horizontal arrangement of photos, for example, lengthens the walls. Whereas a strip of small photos at mid-height can give the impression that the ceilings are higher.


On the other hand, geometric compositions give dynamism to spaces, and imprint a touch of style in any room.

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