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And you still don’t know how to print photos on aluminum?

imprimir fotos en aluminio

Who said you can only print your photos on paper? In previous posts we have already talked about printing on wood, but this time we want to focus on how to print photos on aluminum. And share with you some ideas to get the most out of this material.


Here are some ideas on how to get the most out of this material.

We’ll leave you with some ideas on how to get the most out of this material.

What are its origins


But first, let us explain what aluminum printing is all about. Its origins date back to the early 1990s, when this photosensitive substrate was patented in a small town in southern Germany.

At first, let us explain what aluminum printing is all about.

The material is known commercially as Dibond, a trademark registered by the company 3A Composites. Initially it was intended for the production of posters, signage and exhibition stands 

for the advertising industry.

What are its advantages


The printing support is composed of two aluminum sheets covering a layer of polyethylene. Hence its high resistance to corrosion and breakage, which makes it ideal for use in outdoor spaces.

Print on Aluminum Resilience

Although it is a rigid material, it is quite light. This allows for large size enlargements without excessive weight that would make it difficult to move or hold.

It is also very lightweight.

Aditionally, UV inks are used for printing, which resist very well to solar and halogen radiation, preserving the intensity of the colors.

These advantages, together with the incredible brightness it confers to the images were quickly taken advantage of by the professional photographers, who took this format to the galleries and art exhibition halls.

Today, its use has become widespread, and it has become a very interesting option for the decoration of homes, commercial premises and offices, as it works very well both in closed environments and in facades, courtyards and gardens.

Features of photo printing on aluminum


Direct printing on aluminum is performed by a printing process using UV inks. The drop size, which is what determines the resolution limit,  is only 10 picoliters, which is considered more than enough for fine art print quality.  

Direct printing on aluminum is 

Direct printing on aluminum is done by a printing process using UV inks.

The result is a high quality image, because no screens are used to apply the colors, and an amazing intensity of tones and precise pixelation is achieved.


Color system


In Snappybook we use a 7-color system that guarantees perfect definition and uniformity, even in large area prints.

The printing on aluminum can be made on a white or silver base. The first one allows to reproduce bright and very luminous colors.


For its part, the silver aluminum printing with brushed finish brings a very modern and elegant touch. That will allow you to take advantage of the brightness and metallic tones that your image has. In addition, it works very well with black and white photos, creating a slightly three-dimensional illusion.

Available sizes


At Snappybook you can choose from nine different print sizes, from traditional portrait formats, to attractive square formats.


The smallest standard rectangular format is 37 x 50 cm, but enlargements of up to 150 x 200 cm can be made, ideal for photomurals.


If you prefer square photos, the printing range goes from 50 x 50 cm to 100 x 100 cm. With these modules you can create mosaics that will give life to your walls, both at home and at your workplace.

Let’s not forget the resolution


As you can see, we are talking about quite large images, so it is very important that the original resolution of your pictures is at least 200 or 300 dpi. Make sure that when you save them in JPEG you do not overcompress the image.

To make it easier to mount your photos and give them more volume, you can choose between our metallic or wooden frames, which will be placed on the back of the photograph, separating it from the wall to give it more presence. You can also opt for the dividers, available in packs of four, in black, silver or chrome.

Ideas for decorating with photos in aluminum


Beyond the infinite commercial uses we can give to aluminum photo printing. Creating signs for stores or advertisements, now we want to talk to you about how to integrate them as decorative elements.

What makes aluminum such a special material


Thanks to its versatility and resistance, we can use them in all kinds of environments. Do you have a patio or garden and want to personalize it? Why not print an aluminum photo mural, which complements the landscape concept or evokes moments or places that have served as inspiration for its design?

print on aluminum versatility

What about creating unique signs, with photos of your family, to show your visitors where the pool showers are, or the barbecue area? Want to create a zen corner? Imagine a photo in metallic tones printed on aluminum, you’ll almost feel like you’re in a Buddhist temple!

And already inside the house, you can decorate spaces that until now perhaps you had relegated by their humidity and temperature conditions, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

With aluminum pictures you won’t have to worry about damage that your pictures may suffer, because they resist water and heat very well, and are completely washable.


If they accidentally get dirty or to remove the dust that inevitably accumulates, just wipe them with a damp cloth, without fear of altering the colors or the inks.

Applicable to different decorating styles


Many might think that a print in aluminum would only be appropriate in minimalist decorations, with a very industrial feel.

And it is true that in that kind of environments fantastic effects can be achieved, for example with black and white photos of urban landscapes: a panoramic view of New York in high contrast; a cloudy day in London; a nostalgic landscape or a solitary environment.

But they also work with more traditional decorations, in which case we might choose to print on white so that the colors of the photographs have more vibrancy and joy.

A detail of nature, such as flowers or an exotic bird can be placed in the entrance hall. For a more intimate living room, why not make a collage with fun photos of everyone in the family, combined on one wall.

We can also create a collage with fun photos of everyone in the family, combined on one wall.

print colorful aluminum

Thanks to the diversity of print formats you can achieve very striking compositions. We have even seen geometric or abstract figures printed on aluminum in different sizes. That when  joined together create authentic works of art.

Surprise the little ones


And you know what your kids will love? A full-color photo of their favorite superheroes, printed on aluminum. Can you imagine how the Transformers will stand out on their wall? Or is it more like Iron Man?


Whatever your favorite character is, it will look great printed on this mount. But especially those with metallic structures or costumes. Place them with some frame or spacer that will make it stand out and stand out even more.

It’s also a good idea to place a life-size photo of your child next to the mirror. This way he can play and imitate your poses, or imagine he is your double.


Take advantage of every resource to stimulate his creativity and turn everyday activities into a game that stimulates his imagination.

Applicable in different areas of the house


Now visualize your bathroom with an artistic black and white photo with the image of a waterfall or with details of water droplets or soap bubbles.

Now visualize your bathroom with an artistic black and white photo with the image of a waterfall or with details of water droplets or soap bubbles.

Impactful, isn’t it? Or is your bathroom rather colorful and you prefer an image with bold tones? References to nature are the most used in these spaces. And you already know that flowers and wildlife are a vibrant display of color.

We can’t forget about the kitchen area either. How many times have you seen still lifes in decorating magazines with dramatically lit fruit? Doesn’t that look great in the kitchen, right?

We can’t forget about the kitchen area either.

Well, set up your photo shoot using what you have at home and create unique pictures, that will last a lifetime, despite being in the smoke and grease.

Because that’s another point in favor of aluminum photo prints, that they are virtually indestructible.

That’s why they are also the indicated to decorate the back of a bar or restaurant bar. Allowing you to reproduce the signsthat distinguish the brand of your business.

Who doesn’t fancy a cold beer, when you see the image of an ice-cold glass covered with a layer of foam? With the photo printing on aluminum you can achieve a very real and tempting image. That will be a suggestive advertising call.

We can give it a commercial use


Also in clothing stores they are often used to create central walls with large format wall prints, highlighting the seasonal product or brand image.

print aluminum creative

Even on dressing room doors or as panels in a paraban, Aluminum printing gives very good results. And if you want to create a diorama effect in your showcase, don’t miss the possibilities that this technique can give you.

Industrial design professionals have been building three-dimensional parts previously printed on aluminum for years. If you are a little handyman and have a creative streak, we are sure that you will be able to achieve real wonders.

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