Personalized Spotify badges

Personalize with your photos and thrill your loved ones!


Spotify plate with wooden stand


🎨 Easy customization: Through a few simple steps you can customize the SnappyBook plate with your best photo and make its memory last forever. You just need to add your photo and write the name of the song and the artist. Finally, you can paste the scannable spotify code and write the text you want on the base.

🎵 Scannable code: Whenever you want you can play from your mobile device the song you have chosen. The Spotify badge has a code that will redirect you to play it.



Spotify plate with metal stand


⭐ Original gift: A keepsake to remember a special moment and a special song. It's ideal for any occasion, whether it's a birthday, Valentine's Day, anniversary…


✅ Quality finishes: The polycarbonate with which we manufacture your Spotify plate is 4 mm thick, which applies firmness and durability, does not scratch, is robust in appearance and high quality. The frame has dimensions of 15 x 22 cm. It has a wooden stand that gives it a natural and Nordic style.